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BioSona, LLC

One Main Street, Suite 307

Burlington, Vermont  05401

The word “tuning” is very accurate. I feel both "tuned up" and "tuned in."  And my cat is much happier now, as well!  He always seems to find me whenever I’m in the middle of a session and highjacks some  Biofield Tuning for himself.  Smart cat!

Sarah Brahman 

Audio Session Participant

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate what you do and how affordable you make it for us to find our way back to balance.  I have so much going on. Your offerings have helped me tremendously without putting a financial burden on me.

Thank you so very much.  As someone who has taken part in both live and recorded sessions I can honestly say the recordings are just as powerful, which is fab as I am five hours ahead of your time zone!

Lauren Franciosi 

Audio Session Participant

Elaine Tohill 

Audio Session Participant


Audio Biofield Tuning sessions allow you to experience all the therapeutic benefits of an in-person Biofield Tuning session via a live or recorded web call. 

Each Audio Biofield Tuning session is themed to address a particular physical, mental and/or emotional challenge.


During a Live Audio Biofield Tuning Session, participants connect via phone or internet while reclining comfortably at home. Eileen then reads, interprets and adjusts the group energy, sharing information she has learned in her 20+ years of studying health and the biofield.  It is a combination of coaching, education, and deep energy healing.


Recorded Audio Biofield Tuning Sessions are essentially the same as Live Audio Sessions except the recipient can participate at whatever time is convenient.  Most recipients report experiencing the same profound results from Recorded Audio Sessions as they do from live ones.

Watch a video about what happens during an Audio Biofield Tuning session.

Experience Biofield Tuning

Upcoming Live Audio Sessions

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Recorded Audio Sessions

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