Experience the power of Biofield Tuning by working individually with one of our Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners, through an audio session or at our Biofield Tuning Clinic.


Work with one of our certified Biofield Tuning practitioners face-to-face or virtually. No corner of the world is too remote.


Group Audio Biofield Tuning sessions connect to live or recorded Biofield Tuning sessions via phone or internet while reclining comfortably wherever they are located.


Visit our Burlington, Vermont Biofield Tuning Clinic website to schedule an in-person or virtual session with one of our certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners.

Experience Biofield Tuning

The word “tuning” is very accurate. I feel both "tuned up" and "tuned in."  And my cat is much happier now, as well!  He always seems to find me whenever I’m in the middle of a session and highjacks some  Biofield Tuning for himself.  Smart cat!

Sarah Brahman 

Audio Session Participant

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate what you do and how affordable you make it for us to find our way back to balance.  I have so much going on. Your offerings have helped me tremendously without putting a financial burden on me.

Thank you so very much.  As someone who has taken part in both live and recorded sessions I can honestly say the recordings are just as powerful, which is fab as I am five hours ahead of your time zone!

Lauren Franciosi 

Audio Session Participant

Elaine Tohill 

Audio Session Participant


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